UI/UX Design and Development

At Thoughtgrid, you get A-Z user interface design solutions specialized in Web/Desktop/Mobile User Interface (UI/UX) design and development and visual design services. We provide custom built applications which are user friendly and easy to use.

We represent you and help you redouble your brand value by communicating through user-centric and easy to use applications. Our UI/UX Design applications are designed to effectively and efficiently meet today's demanding business/product users. We understand the fact that communication should be inviting and apprehend the message. By creating user case profiles, wireframes and page designs, we bring the user interface design to life as the main component in your web experience.

We deliver full range of user experience services that includes participation in product envision workshops, definition of user profiles, task flow, usage scenarios, information hierarchy, develop information navigation and interaction models, construct prototypes of varying fidelity like paper prototypes, static or interactive rapid wireframes, structural prototypes, deep-slice prototypes and branded prototypes, develop product brand expression and user interface style guides.

We offer rebranding services for companies with existing websites, be it a corporate website, a business portal, a gallery of sorts or an eCommerce portal. We create flash and HTML 5 based websites to deliver an interesting visual appearance.

User Interface Design

  • We do user interface (UI) design and development for web, mobile, big screen etc. It will be responsive and device/OS friendly.

Instructional Design and Illustrations

  • At ThoughtGrid, we are serious about all aspects of the frontend development. Instructional design and illustration are the core points.

User Interface Style Guides

  • We create UI style guide in such a way that it can be used by developers and marketing team for their development and marketing efforts with ease.

Data Visualization

  • ThoughtGrid provides innovative full stack visualization services for all industries (Private, Public, and Non-profit industry clients)

Quick Prototyping (PSD)

  • We help clients to develop quick prototyping using wire framing and adobe tools to bring your ideas in to reality instantly.

CSS driven screen templates

  • We create CSS driven responsive screens. We are eloquent in LESS, SASS etc.

UI/UX Design and Development process

UI/UX Design and Development company bangalore